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Is there life after Google News?

Possibly not, for many people; but it is true that the world continues connected.

As we all know, Google’s news aggregation services (Google News) ceased to be available in Spain following the approval of the bill that intends to reform the Intellectual Property Act 1/1996, which includes, among others, a new plan concerning the regulation of news snippets in Spain. Consequently, Google stopped offering the referred services on 16th December 2014.

But the question is: How is this circumstance affecting the Spanish media? First of all, it should be considered that, although Google does not offer its news aggregation service anymore, it is still possible to find news results when using the browser. However, although Google does not longer show news snippets, it stills includes the Spanish media in the results. In this sense, users can still find news of their interest in the Google browser results.

This new situation affects not only the results of Google search, but also to the data traffic of the concerned websites. According to media themselves, there has been a marginal reduction in their results. Other sources refer that web visits dropped between 10% and 15%.

In view of these current events, what will happen next? All signs are that Spain will follow in the footsteps of other countries. It will perhaps modify (if not abolish) the bill reforming the Intellectual Property Act, which is intended to be in force by the next year (if not before).

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