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New domain name .ONG

From next 17th March, domain names under .ONG extension may be registered. 

Upon registration of a .ong domain, a .ngo domain will be also registered. The registration periods are: 



Applicants for a .ong /.NGO domain must certify to be an NGO, and to agree with the following 7 points:

1.  To be focused on acting in the public interest. Either in support of education or health, environment or human rights, members of the NGO community for the good of mankind and / or preservation of the planet. Furthermore, they do not promote discrimination or intolerance.

2. Non-profit organisations. Members of the NGO community do not acknowledge generating profits or keeping them.

3. Government influence. Although recognizing that many NGOs have important interactions with government for funding reasons (which may include receiving government funding in support of their programmes), the members of the NGO community decide their own policies. They run their own activities and they are independent from government.

4. Independent Actors. Members of the NGO community should belong to any political party or government. Participation is voluntary. 

5. Active Organizations. Members of the NGO community are actively and regularly pursuing their missions.

6. Structure. Members of the NGO community operate in a structured way (eg, according to statutes, codes of conduct, organization rules or other government structures).

7. Legal. Members of the NGO community act with integrity within the limits of the law.

If you are interested in protecting your trademark under .ONG extension, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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