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Grants for patents and utility models

We inform you that the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce published in the Official Bulletin of Monday 23rd March the new call for awarding grants to promote applications for patents and utility models in collaboration with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. As in previous calls, there are two different grant programmes: the programme for the Promotion of Patents and Utility Models Abroad and the program for the for the Promotion of Spanish Patents and Utility Models (for SMEs). The first programme will be awarded 3,915,000 euro and 231.000 euro for the second programme for SME.

The actions eligible for the programme abroad are the fees are associated with regional or national applications, searches, examinations, European annuities prior to grant, grants and translations of complete memory provided that they come from a Spanish priority (Spanish patent or utility model, European application or PCT filed in Spain) or European or PCT applications filed in Spain.

The actions eligible for the National Programme for SMEs are the application fees for patents or utility models and the fees of the Report of Prior Art.

The deadline for submitting grant applications expires on 23rd April 2015If you require assistance on the application for grants, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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