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The importance of register a design

Globalization has established, among others, an easy way for industrialization and rapid reproduction of any product that can be offered or imagine on the market. Competition is already a high speed race and constant dangers of copy. Introduce a new product is reserved for the more daring.

Therefore, the differentiation of a product, in design, becomes a basic and fundamental element for a good market position. But a design, without its registered protection, becomes copy model, which consequently entail the loss of exclusivity and a decrease in its market value.

Fortunately, there are different ways for the protection of a design and so shield the exclusive product. Such protection is especially interesting in consumer products such as:

A shoe, a phone (smartphones or any electronic product), a container of perfume, packaging of a product, an object of furniture (chair, armchair, sofa, table, bookshelf, cabinet ...), an appliance, a helmet, vehicle (car, motorbike, bicycle), a hat, a bag, a lamp, a print, a toy, an object for sports (a surfboard, gloves, etc), clothing (pants, skirts, shirts, sweaters, socks, dresses ...), etc.

You can even register the appearance or layout of a facility as a shop, a restaurant or a shop.

Unlike other forms of protection, design registrations stand out for its agility, to be cheaper and have faster than other forms of protection processing.

In case of your interest to register a design, you can contact us directly to assess your case and accompany you in the following steps, to follow up a possible final register adapted to your peculiarities.

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