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The China Trademark Office is creating a database in collaboration with the Administration of Industry and Commerce of China to establish joint mechanisms in the fight against piracy and counterfeiting in this country.

Therefore, the Administration for Industry and Commerce, when in their daily work of market inspection to detect potential counterfeit products may contact the trademark owners (if you domiciled in China) or with their representatives to communicate in a flexible and effective possible violations.

Should be of your interest to enroll in this database, we appreciate if you confirm us before the day 18 July 2016. Processing and enrolling in this system will have no associated cost. Later if any counterfeit was detected and you would like to initiate any action, we would provide you with an appropriate budget.

We hope that this system is useful and allows to carry out an effective fight against counterfeiting.  For this reason, we highly recommend to register in order to expand the possible measures to protect your brands in a country where exists a high number of trademark conflicts and counterfeiting.

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