Importance of patents in technological evolution


"Quantum Fracture" and the OEPM collaborate to launch a video that highlights the importance of the patent system as a catalyst for technological evolution in our country

Interesting and educational video on the YouTube channel Quantum Fracture in collaboration with the OEPM on "10 Spanish Patents that have made History". A pleasant review of the history of Spanish inventions, as well as patentability requirements, the operation of the patent system and the importance of the protection they offer to safeguard the interests of inventors and their contribution to scientific-technical progress.

As Industrial Property Agents, we are a team of professionals committed to the projects of inventors from small, medium and large companies in the mechanical, chemical or telecommunications sectors. We work to achieve protection that is useful to the extent of your needs and interests, and we accompany and advise you at any stage of the procedure to reach the established objective. If you have an invention and are interested in its protection, do not hesitate to contact us..


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Lluís Vilalta

Industrial Engineer