Copyrights and related rights

Copyrights covers authors’ rights and/or other possible holders of rights in their creations, and is essential in order to exploit the works, and to combat possible plagiarism.

These are rights held by the creators of literary, artistic and scientific works

We provide consultancy in all spheres copyright, including assistance in the television, theatre, film, music and radio industries, social media, the digital environment, videogames, Internet and many other areas.

The deposit of works of Intellectual Property is essential in order to be able to demonstrate their authorship and date of creation, to ensure that the right is recognised, and at the same time can be raised in opposition against potential infringements.

We offer a fully integrated consultancy service for the filing of rights with the Intellectual Property Register.

Intellectual Property assets may be assigned, licenced or others, and in order to preserve our client’s rights and interests, we offer consultancy both in the drawing up of contracts, and in their revision and negotiation with third parties.

We highlight the importance of protecting and managing works and rights, and to this end assist and represent clients before the different management entities.

In those cases where it would be of strategic interest to make a private deposit of a work, we offer advice as to the different options for this process, whether before a Notary or otherwise before other private entities.

In the event of conflict, or where it proves necessary to defend copyrights, we study the particulars of each case so as to offer comprehensive strategies and solutions, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or court proceedings.

Claudia Sotomayor

Lawyer. Senior associate.